Selected Course Projects

Multi-Threaded Mail Server Implemented with Standard SMTP [Code], COMP361, Summer 09

Panoramic Mosaic Stitching [Demo], CSE455, Winter 10

Mini Java Compiler [Code], CSE401, Winter 10

Regression Analysis on Internet Penetration [Report], STAT423, Winter 10

Acceleromenter-based Magic Wand [Demo], ELEC254, Fall 10

Memory-based A* Search for Sliding-Tile Puzzles [Report][Code], COMP521, Spring 11

CMOS VLSI Design of a 4x4-bit Arrary Multiplier [Report], ELEC301, Spring 11

Research Projects

RFID Benchmarking Methodology and Practice [Report], UROP, Summer 08

Navigation Control on Mini-car Outdoor V1.0 [Report], Independent Study, Spring 09

Techniques of Clustering Incomplete Rankings [Report], UROP, Summer 09

Co-clustering for Mining Common Subsequence [Report], UROP, Fall 09

Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Systems [Poster][Report][Slide], Final Year Thesis, Fall 10