David Ke Hong

Research Scientist

Meta Platforms, Inc.

(formerly known as Facebook, Inc.)


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Ke (David) is a research scientist in the Fault Tolerance Team of Meta (formerly known as Facebook). His current work focuses on building reliable and resilient software foundation for Meta’s private cloud on top of Meta’s geo-distributed data center infrastructure (across millions of machines in tens of geo-replicated data center regions) to serve billions of users globally and meet company's business needs.

He earned his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering (advisor Prof. Z. Morley Mao) from University of Michigan. His thesis focuses on validating reliability, security and performance properties of mobile systems and emerging autonomous vehicle platforms using systematic software engineering techniques, including runtime profiling, program analysis and formal methods.

He received an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and bachelor degree (first-class honour) in Computer Science and Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). His prior research also includes performance diagnosis and acceleration of Android systems, traffic engineering in software-defined networks, network and compute acceleration of cloud data centers.


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Ke worked as a teaching assistant or instructor for following undergraduate/graduate-level computer science courses at University of Michigan and Hong Kong University of Science Technology.

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